— Glitch Hop

Tag "breakcore"

Dominating sales charts and featured in innumerable DJ performances across the globe, Opiuo’s debut LP “Slurp and Giggle” showcases the highly innovative and organic bass-tones that have earned him widespread acclaim alongside artists such as Heyoka, Tipper, and the other pioneers of the psychedelic, organic bass movement. Unfortunately, the heavy emphasis placed on his funky, genre-dissolving bass leaves a lot to be desired in terms of versatility. Although many of the tracks on the album possess that wild, funky groove that is so well received on the dance floor, the beats are quite repetitive and appeal of the album as a whole is certainly hurt by this. While nearly all of the tracks have unique and interesting introductions, they all inevitably descend into the same chunky, wobbly, and over-used breaks.

Despite the often repetitive theme dominating much of the album, I really enjoyed the song “Water Mouth” featuring a collaboration with Sunmonx. Much softer and of a far more gentle nature, “Water Mouth” is complete where many of the other tracks feel unfinished. A relaxing lead melody accompanied by a squishy, squelching-wet bass-line guides the listener through a lush, dynamic sound-scape miles ahead of the typical Opiuo break-fest. The album certainly represents a distinct innovation among organic-bass connoisseurs, however there is also significant room for improvement in his future releases.

Artist: Opiuo
Album: Slurp and Giggle
Label: Addictech
Release Date: July 1, 2010
Genre Influences: Glitch, Breaks
Rating (0-5): 3
Buy: Addictech